Making Sense of Management

What is a company? It’s an organization that produces products or performs services. But at its core, a company is just a collection of people »

Protect The Castle - Explaining Economic Moat

“So, do you know what Economic Moat means?” I didn’t, of course. But it was an interview, so I did what people do - lie »

Blurring Our Realities: The Pokemon GO Effect

Yesterday I ate my lunch in a park. I was scouting for players. Not baseball players, or soccer players, or tag players, but Pokémon GO players »

Cool Like Coke

You’re in the middle of a desert. Wandering in the unforgiving heat, shielding your eyes from swirling sand, you suddenly stumble up to a vending »

Battle of the Brands: Under Armour vs. Nike ft. NBA Finals

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals was more than a battle between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. It was also a battle between »

Top 10 Brands and their CEOs

Great brands are an integral part of our life. They’re unavoidable, infiltrating our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. In a world of information overload, only the »